PT for Baby was founded with the goals of bridging the gap between the NICU and outpatient therapy and providing preventative care to infants who are at risk for developmental delay. Using a developmentally supportive family-centered model, PT for Baby provides individualized therapeutic interventions that facilitate the prevention of adverse effects due to prematurity and/or hospitalization.


The initial appointment will consist of a consultation in your home to assess your family’s needs. The therapist will work with you to determine what types of services are appropriate.


The physical therapy evaluation will include an assessment of: strength, range of motion, gross and fine motor development, posture, reflexes, state and motor behaviors and muscle tone. The therapist will observe how your infant responds and communicates during interactions. A standardized developmental test can also be administered if needed.


Recommendations will be made after the evaluation as to what treatment may be beneficial. Treatment can include direct care, family education with periodic re-assessments and consultation.


One of the most important aspects of caring for infants is empowering the family to provide developmentally supportive care. Every child responds differently to their environment and the physical therapist can help the family identify their child’s cues and how to provide supportive care.


If there is an area of need outside the scope of physical therapy, the therapist can make a referral to the appropriate specialist. In addition, a referral can be made to other agencies that can provide care such as California Children’s Services or Regional Center.


The initial phone consultation is complimentary to determine what type of services would benefit your family. If further evaluation/treatment is requested the therapist will discuss the fee schedule at the consultation.

All services will be provided in your home which is your baby’s natural environment.